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Capture, celebrate and honor the meaningful people, pets and moments of our lives with a beautiful handcrafted clay impression.

In our studio, using our unique sixteen-step process, we transform your delicate baby’s hand, foot or treasured pet’s paw imprint you take into a one-of-a-kind cherished keepsake.

A Peartree Impression is the perfect addition to your home or office. Using our all-natural clay impression kit and personalizing service you can capture those memories forever.

Our kits and personalizing service are available here or from one of our many Peartree providers.


simple to use,
easy to take

Peartree’s premium clay impression kits and unique artistic process will capture a moment in time. Each impression is lovingly hand painted, kiln fired and personalized with a hand-written name or message.

Our all-natural clay impression kits allow anyone to easily take an imprint. Follow the simple steps included with each kit and choose Peartree’s personalizing service to customize your impression with our styles.



What is community? This word can mean many things; it can be a nation, a city, a neighbourhood, a company, or a family. For us, the most meaningful attribute of community is a group of people working together for a common good, fulfilling a need, or learning from each other.

Everyone needs friends, even the animal community. One small group that has been working to help the animal community for the past ten years is the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club. Find out what rabbit hopping is and why it is important to the community in our first blog post for the month of September.

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